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Ron Mulata de Cuba

Distilled in : Cuba
Slogan : "Ron Mulata, Cuban Taste!"
Available Rums : "Ron Mulata Aņejo, Ron Mulata Aņejo Blanco, Ron Mulata Aņejo Reserva, Ron Mulata Natural, Ron Mulata Reserva, Ron Mulata Silver Dry, Ron Mulata Solera, Ron Palma Mulata Aņejo Gran Reserva, Ron Palma Mulata Superior, Ron Vidia Gran Aņejo"
Ron Palama Mulata Aņejo Gran Reserva
Type : Spanish Caribean Ron
Grade : Premium
Base Ingredient : Molasses
Age : At least 7 Years Old
Country of Origin : Cuba
Strength : 38% Vol / 76 Proof
Availabilty : Cuba, United Kingdom and Europe
Bottle Blurb : "Palama Mulata Rum is distilled and stored traditionally in Cuba. This Super-Premium Rum ages for more than 7 years in oak barrels, until it reaches its dark gold colour, and mild and exceptional quality. The state-monitored production and storage by the state of Cuba is guaranteed by the Cuban authenticity stamp on every bottle. Enjoy Palama Mulata Aņejo Gran Reserva 7 aņos straight."