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Distilled in : Brazil
Slogan : "Original do Brasil"
Available Cachacas : "PIT┌ Original Cachaša, PIT┌ Especial de Ouro, Cocotida"
PIT┌ Original Cachaša
Grade : Silver / Blanca
Base Ingredient : Sugar Cane Juice
Country of Origin : Brazil
Strength : 40 % Vol / 80 Proof
Availabilty : Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa and other Worldwide locations
Bottle Blurb : "Pit˙ is distilled exclusively in Brazil from the juice of hand-picked fresh sugar cane. Following careful storage and strict quality control it is exported all over the world as the proud "Premium do Brasil". That is why Pit˙'s light and fruity taste is ideal for the drink that represents Brazilian lifestyle."