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Diversity wins Britain’s Got Talent 2009 May 30

After an evening of some incredible performances, I’m pleased to be able to say that the scepticism shown in my last post was proved incorrect. One of the most talented acts on the night not only went out on stage and gave a “flawless” performance, they improved so much from their semi final routine that they leap-frogged their main rivals and won the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

Diversity won over the hearts and phone bills of the nation in what I can only describe as a major victory for talent as opposed to popularity. Summing up tonight’s acts:

Flawless – very good but had been better in the semi final.
Shaheen Jafargholi – his best performance so far, a joy to listen to.
Aidan Davis – while impressive had to agree with Simon Cowell that his semi final performance was better.
2 Grand – with John missing his cue and Sally singing her best performance, it was a sweet performance but not show winning.
Hollie Steel – Everyone wondered whether she’d crack up under the pressure and thankfully she didn’t – enjoyable but there were better singers on the night.
Stavros Flatley – Absolutely fantastic – totally should have been in the top 3.
Shaun Smith – Singing Ain’t no Sunshine and to say the least he nailed it – Wouldn’t be surprised to see an album on the shelves.
Susan Boyle – Her best performance so far. Not my favourite person but it looked like the image consultants had convinced her to say as little as possible after her singing, so less annoying than usual – especially as she came a gracious second.
Diversity – Absolute perfection and totally deserving of their win
Julian Smith – You couldn’t have asked for a better closing act. Totally deserving of his top 3 finish. I would have been as happy if he’d won.

So my heartfelt congratulations to my fellow Londoner’s – Diversity, to Julian for his wonderful performances, to Stavros Flatley’s Dimitrios and Lagi for making me laugh for all the right reasons and to Shaun for reminding that sometimes the classic songs are still the best.

Also my thanks to the YouTube user BritainsSoTalented, who not only allowed me catch up with the acts that I’d missed along the way, but also has given me the ability to jazz up this post with his YouTube uploads.

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