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Happy Holidays Dec 26


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

For the last few years Christmas time has generally brought about a mixed bag of feelings for me – on one hand, the big kid in me loves the idea of Christmas and both the giving and receiving of presents, but on the other hand it pains me knowing that there’s a little boy out there who should be able to have Christmas with his Daddy and share in the love of his whole family.

So despite the situation with Henry not having changed as yet and the heartache that another Christmas without my Son brings about, I was surprised by the strength of general Christmas cheer in me this year. I think partly it’s been brought on by having Christmas with my parents for the 1st time in four years but mostly I think it’s been down to the festive spirit I shared with Chrisy while on our recent trip to Florida.

From the dancing lights and Christmas songs of Disney’s Hollywood Studios Osborne Family Spectacular of Lights and the beauty of Cinderella’s Castle at The Magic Kingdom to the whole stadium singing along to Christmas songs at Sea World’s Shamu Christmas Miracles there’s a festive magic that you can feel in every theme park, shopping mall and in the way the houses and businesses are decorated.

To some of my compatriots I realise that it may be all too polished and could feel over the top, but maybe that feeling is more to do with the understated way that most British people approach life rather than the average American’s positive attitude.

Of course all the magic of Mickey Mouse, Shamu and their theme park friends would have meant nothing without the company of a great friend and so not only do I wish Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my wonderful Henry, family, friends and my readers but also a very special Christmas to you Chrisy…

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