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Mount Gilboa to release a White Rum Jul 04

Mount Gilboa RumAmong the more interesting bits of news picked up at Imbibe Live 2012 yesterday, was finding out that Frank Ward’s excellent Bajan Mount Gilboa is lined up to double its available portfolio with a great new white rum.

Although it shares some similarities with its aged golden rum brother; they’re both triple distilled from pot still, both have small distillation runs and both rums have had nothing added or removed, it’s the differences in their production that separate them apart. For one, the white has never seen the inside of a wooden barrel. Coming straight from the still and with no charcoal filtration, it’s the difference in the cuts of distillation that are key to allowing this unaged rum to have a very smooth start with only a light spiciness on the finish, while retaining all of its light fruity flavours.

Due for release initially in the US this summer, this should be followed by a UK release that will hopefully coincide with October’s London based RumFest. Having been lucky enough to try a sample, I can happily say that Mount Gilboa’s full flavour white rum should prove as popular with consumers as it should do with bar tenders.

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