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The Rum Club – Ron Diplomatico (Sneak Peak) Oct 02

Notting Hill Rum ClubYet another short notice sneak peak for the next London Rum Club and if the last tasting I attended for Ron Diplomático is anything to go, by this should be another great rum club not to be missed. Starting at 7pm on Monday 3rd October 2011, Trailer Happiness will, as always, be playing host to the Notting Hill Rum Club.

Diplomatico RumHaving already written a sneak peak for Ron Diplomático fairly recently, I won’t go into as much detail, but suffice to say the four current rums in their range are:

Ron Diplomático Blanco – A Super Premium White rum; Ron Diplomático Añejo – Aged up to 4 years old, blended column and pot still golden rum; Ron Diplomático Reserva – Aged up to 8 years old, blend of column and pot still rum and lastly Ron Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva – A premium sipping rum aged up to 12 years old and made entirely from sugar cane honey.

Further details on tomorrow’s tasting can be found on the Diplomatico Rum Club Facebook page. For those interested in learning more about the London Rum Club, please either visit the Rum Club website or pop into Trailer Happiness and speak to the bar staff.

Kanaloa Rum Club – Ron Diplomatico (Sneak Peak) Aug 18

Kanaloa Rum ClubIt is with great pleasure that I can confirm that next week’s Kanaloa Rum Club is set to take up it’s alloted Tuesday night slot and on the 23rd August 2011, Kanaloa Tropical Island Bar & Grill will play host to Declan McGurk of Speciality Brands and the full range of Ron Diplomático.

Also known as Ron Botucal in some parts of the world, Ron Diplomático is produced in Venezuela by Destilerias Unidas. Produced from both sugar cane honey and the more traditional molasses, the sipping rums from Ron Diplomático have a sweeter taste, when compared to most other rum in this category. They also differ from many other rum brands as due to Venezuelan law, the rums used in their blends have to have been aged for at least 2 years.

Ron Diplomático currently consists of the following four rums:Diplomatico Rum

Ron Diplomático Blanco – A blend of rums aged between 2 and 6 years this super premium Blanco is richer and more intense than would normally be expected for a white rum.

Ron Diplomático Añejo – A blend of pot and column still rum, this golden rum is aged for a maximum of 4 years.

Ron Diplomático Reserva – Again a blend of pot and column still rum, Reserva contains a blend of rums aged between 2 and 8 years and also contains rum distilled from sugar cane honey.

Ron Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva – Made almost entirely from sugar cane honey, this sipping rum is a blend of heavy and light rums that are aged up to 12 years.

Having tried the range of Ron Diplomático at this year’s Imbibe Live show, I can happily say that I am looking forward to spending more time savouring these excellent rums and the cocktails that the Kanaloa bartenders will no doubt be throwing together. The evening starts at 6pm for a 7pm presentation.

For further details about the Kanaloa Rum club, please email or if you’re passing by, simply pop in to Kanaloa Tropical Island Bar & Grill and ask the bar staff.