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 |  |  | was conceived, in an attempt to ensure that neither the knowledge learned in attempting to become an amateur mixologist nor the 1000's of digital pictures I've taken over the last few years became lost and buried under a pile of digital dust. On a personal note, I also wanted to create a site that my son, Henry Brandon-Charles would be able to look at and proudly say that his Dad had created.
Since its original conception, I have developed a strong interest in the finer qualities of good rum and as such, a shift in the content of the site has occurred, with more emphasis on Rum. Alongside the rum, can be found information in the Drinks section, which include; Cachaša, Tequila and the creation of Cocktails based on these spirits, as well as a number of Cocktail and Shooter Recipes.
The Photography section was set up to provide a showcase of my favourite pictures taken mostly by myself, but also includes a great range of pictures taken by friends and family. All pictures provided on the site are free to use for personal use and if warranted, appreciation. Ranging from the spectacular waterfalls on the Brazilian/Argentinean border at Foz do Iguacu; to the beautiful sunsets from Bahia Honda State Park and Key West in the Florida Keys to the wildlife in South Africa's Kruger National Park and many more.
Along the way and as my web page creativity and interests have improved this has meant that some sections have been dropped or heavily changed, such as the recent decision to drop the intended Travel section. However, I see this as a fairly natural process and as the site has grown organically, it is inevitable that such changes will occur. All in all, the site and its content are intended to allow me to continue my passion to share knowledge and hopefully leave the world with a bit more "useful stuff" in it.