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"If you were to ask me if I'd ever had the bad luck to miss my daily cocktail, I'd have to say that I doubt it; where certain things are concerned, I plan ahead." - Luis Bunuel.
Most people I know will have a couple of bottles of spirits, such as Vodka or Gin, sitting at home. While this is adequate for a quite drink every now and then, it isn't enough for when throwing your first cocktail party or any subsequent.
Some drinks are not only easy to make but require little in the way of alcoholic ingredients. For example a Screwdriver only requires Vodka, Orange Juice and Ice. Likewise, a Caipirinha needs only Cachaça, Lime, Sugar and Crushed Ice. As such a couple of bottles of either spirit and lots of soft ingredients could equal a very fun social evening. At the other end of the scale however, is a drink such as the Zombie, which requires 6 or 7 different spirits, depending on whether or not you use Grenadine with or without an alcoholic content.
My biggest tip to anyone trying this for the first time is to work out before hand what drinks you would like to be able to offer your guests, create your own menu and then buy the alcohol and mixers that go with your menu. It's also worth suggesting that if you want to look cool and knowledgeable in front of your guests, practice beforehand and enjoy being creative. Make it a bring a bottle party and you may be able to add some new ideas/recipes to the evening and never be afraid to let someone show you something new or let them experiment. Cocktail parties should after all be fun...
One thing I have heard several times over the years is “Never waste good alcohol in a cocktail.” As if to say that just because it’s mixed with other ingredients, poor quality alcohol will magically become nectar of the Gods. Let’s get one thing straight - poor ingredients equal a poor cocktail. Simple as that. If you’re using cheap spirits, make a punch.
While it is true that an OK drink can be mixed with cheaper shop brand alcohols, to make a great drink requires a minimum quality of all the ingredients. There will always be factors when choosing your base ingredients and cost may well be one of them, but where possible don’t skimp on what goes into your cocktails - You will notice the difference... Although probably not so much after several drinks...