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Distilled in : Caribbean
Slogan : "The Enlightened Ultra-Premium Dark Rum"
Available Rums : "Pyrat Cask 1623, Pyrat Pistol, Pyrat XO Reserve"
Pyrat XO Reserve
Type : British Caribbean Rum
Grade : Premium
Base Ingredient : Molasses
Age : Up to 15 Years
Country of Origin : Caribbean
Strength : 40% Vol / 80 Proof
Availabilty : United Kingdom, United States and other Worldwide locations
Bottle Blurb : "Pyrat XO Reserve Rum
(Pronounced: Pirate)
From the creators of Patron, the world's #1 ultra premium tequila, we bring you the finest ultra premium rum for those who accept only the finest things in life."
"Pyrat XO Reserve is a blend of unique Caribbean rums aged up to 15 years in Limousin oak and American sweet oak barrels. It has a "toasted apricot" amber color and offers flavours of vanilla, caramel, honey and cinnamon. An extremely smooth but gentle "palette texture" keeps it soft to the taste."
"Once aged and blended to perfection, Pyrat XO Reserve is poured into individually numbered, hand-crafted decanters and decorated with a Hoti (pronounced Ho-Tie). The Hoti represents the Zen patron saint and protector of fortunetellers and bartenders."