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Sailor Jerry

Distilled in : United States Virgin Islands
Slogan : "This is no girly rum"
Available Rums : "Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum"
Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
Type : British Caribbean Rum
Grade : Spiced Rum
Base Ingredient : Molasses
Country of Origin : Caribbean
Strength : 40% Vol / 80 Proof
Availabilty : United States, United Kingdom and other Worldwide locations
Bottle Blurb : "The original "Sailor Jerry" known the world over for solid, bright, neat tattooing. "as you like it". Sailor Jerry Collins (1911 - 73) was the most famous tattoo artist of all time. He was the first to go to Japan to learn the sacred art of tattooing back in the 20s. He set up shop in Honolulu in the 30s with his distinctive designs. This spiced rum is based upon Sailor Jerry's own personal recipe."