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Distilled in : Austria
Website :
Slogan : "The Spirit of Austria"
Available Rums : "Stroh 40, Stroh 60, Stroh 80, Stroh Cream, Stroh Jagertee, Stroh Punch Classic, Stroh Punch Orange-Mango"
Stroh 60
Type : European Rum
Grade : Flavoured
Base Ingredient : Molasses
Country of Origin : Austria
Strength : 60% Vol / 120 Proof
Availabilty : Europe and other Worldwide locations
Bottle Blurb : "Stroh 60 Inl"
Translated : "Stroh 60 Inlander Rum, is an Austrian way and joy of life in all its diversity. In winter, Stroh 60 is an indispensable part of the heart-warming Jagertee, punch, grog and other hot drinks. Stroh 60 can also be used as an excellent ingredient to refine marmalades, jellies, jams and juices. Especially popular, Stroh 60 is appreciated in traditional cakes and pastries, giving many cakes, pies and desserts their unique flavour."