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Distilled in : Guyana
Slogan : "Spirit of the Caribbean"
Available Rums : "Wood's 100 Old Navy Rum"
Wood's 100 Old Navy Rum
Type : British Navy Rum
Grade : Overproof Rum
Base Ingredient : Molasses
Country of Origin : Guyana
Strength : 57% Vol / 114 Proof
Availabilty : United Kingdom
Bottle Blurb : "Distilled from the finest demerara cane harvested from the banks of the Demerara River."
"Wood's 100 Old Navy Rum is imported from Guyana in the Caribbean. Made from sugar cane grown along the banks of the Demerara River, it is still made in traditional pot stills to produce a dark rum of uncommon strength. Enjoy Wood's straight, or on the rocks or with your favourite mixer. Wood's 100 is the perfect ingredient to add to a cocktail for a spicy kick."