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St. Lucia Distillers

Distilled in : St. Lucia
Available Rums : "St. Lucia Distillers 1931, Admiral Rodney, Bounty, Castries Cr"
St. Lucia Distillers 1931
Type : British Caribbean Rum
Grade : Premium
Base Ingredient : Molasses
Age : Aged from 7 to 12 Years Old
Country of Origin : St. Lucia
Strength : 43% / 86 Proof
Availabilty : United Kingdom, United States and other Worldwide locations
Bottle Blurb : "Celebrating 80 Years of St. Lucian Rum making."
"In 1931 a new distillery was commisioned in the Mabouya Valley near Dennery in St. Lucia. The distillery was founded by Denis Barnard and produced rum until 1972 when St. Lucia Distillers was formed out of the merging of the Dennery Distillery and the Roseau Distillery. 1931 celebrates this history and St. Lucia Distiller's commitment to world class, handmade rums which has now lasted 80 years. 1931 is a blend of nine casks containing distillates from three pot stills and a Coffey still. The casks selected were judged to contain our finest rums and ranged from casks laid down in 2004 to older distillates laid down in 1999. Of the nine casks used for ageing seven were American white oak barrels while two were port casks. The blend was assembled and then placed back into American white oak casks for a period of three months for a final marriage before being bottled. We have preserved the integrity of 1931 by using light filtration methods which do not include chill filtration techniques. As a result the rum may throw a harmless sediment that is perfectly natural."
TOZ White Gold Rum
Type : British Caribbean Rum
Grade : Silver / Blanca
Base Ingredient : Molasses
Age : 5 - 8 Year Old
Country of Origin : Saint Lucia
Strength : 40% Vol / 80 Proof
Availabilty : Saint Lucia, United Kingdom, United States and other Worldwide locations
Bottle Blurb : "The Gold standard for Rum
Toz White Gold Rum is a blend of aged, premium Saint Lucia rums from the Caribbean's premier small distillery. Distilled in copper alembic pot and continuous still, the rum is aged in American white oak barrels before a final polish in vintage port casks. The rum is then gently filtered to give a fresh citrus character with hints of sweet raisin and vanilla."
"TOZ = A Troy Ounce of Gold.
The Traditional method of measuring the weight of precious metals.
Enjoy a full measure of Toz White Gold with your preferred mixer or as a base for your favourite cocktail..."