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Distilled in : Mexico
Slogan : "Good Fortune Awaits"
Available Tequilas : "Herradura Blanco, Herradura Reposado, Herradura Añejo, Selección Suprema, Gran Imperio Reposado, Herradura Blanco 46*, Antiguo de Herradura, Hacienda del Cristero*, Herradura Suave 35*.
* Please be aware that these spirits are not easily available outside of Mexico."
Origin : With a heritage dating back to the 19th century, Herradura produces its fine Tequilas at the San José del Refugio hacienda, in the town of Amatitán in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Originally known as Hacienda del Padre, it was founded by Padre José Feliciano de la Trinidad Escobado Romo. During this time Padre Romo kept livestock, grew crops and produced Vino Mezcal. Upon his death, the deeds to the hacienda were left to his 3 goddaughters - the Zalazar sisters. They manged the hacienda along with Félix López, who officially registered the hacienda in 1870 for the production of Tequila.
However the story goes that it wasn't until the early 1900s that Félix's son, Aurelio López Rosales, found a horseshoe while out inspecting the agave fields. With this symbol of good fortune, Aurelio named his excellent 100% Agave Premium Tequila after the Spanish for horeshoe - Herradura. Remaining in the family for five generations, it wasn't until 2007 that Casa Herradura, including the distillery, agave fields and the Herradura brand, along with their sister brand of El Jimador, was sold to the diversified American wine and spirits company Brown-Forman. For those interested in the history of Herradura and Tequila production in general, jump on the Tequila Express and visit Casa Herradura and its Old Factory museum, in the town of Amatitán.
Herradura Añejo
Grade : Añejo
Base Ingredient : 100% Blue Agave
Country of Origin : Mexico
Strength : 40 % Vol / 80 Proof
Availabilty : Mexico, United States, United Kingdom and other Worldwide locations
Bottle Blurb : "Tequila Herradura, se elabora en los altiplanos de Jalisco y entre las montañas de la Sierra Madre utilizando únicamente el mejor agaze azul, sin aditivos, cosechado en su punto optimo de maduración a los diez años de cultivo. Asi es como el Tequila Herradura ha sido producido y embotellado por la misma familia desde hace cinco generaciones."
"Para mantener esta norma de excelencia, cada año sólo se puede embotellar una cantidad limitata de este Magnifico Tequila."
"Tequila Herradura Añejo, con su elegante e intenso sabor, añejado en barricas de encino blanco por dos años, es altamente valorado por los verdaderos conocedores. Saboree la leyenda Tequila Herradura."
Translated : "Herradura Tequila is made in the highlands of Jalisco and the mountains of the Sierra Madre using only the best Blue Agave, without additives and harvested at their optimal maturity after ten years of cultivation. That's how Herradura Tequila has been produced and bottled by the same family for five generations."
"To maintain this standard of excellence, each year only a limited quantity can be bottled to produce this Magnificent Tequila."
"Herradura Añejo Tequila, with its elegant and intense flavor, is aged in white oak barrels for two years and is highly valued by true connoisseurs. Savor the legend of Herradura Tequila."
Comments : Being the first premium Tequila that I had the pleasure to taste, I will always have a soft spot for this smooth, deep amber coloured and slightly peppery tasting spirit. It was when drinking Herradura Añejo that I realised that Tequila didn't always have to be necked in one shot. Perfect for sipping with or without ice (personally I prefer it with ice served in a tumbler), the naturally overpowering smell and taste of the Blue Agave has been tempered by the two years spent maturing in white oak barrels. Highly recommended and well worth seeking out.